Children and Raising Self Esteem

Self Esteem Where Children are concerned

raising self esteemThere are so many people who think and consider self esteem to be a complicated emotion. They think and feel that children are not affected by self esteem and that; they are not very matured to understand this whole world of self esteem. At a certain level, it is mostly assumed that children do not understand the whole idea of self esteem. However, to make such an assumption that they are ignorant and have nothing to do with self esteem is a big mistake. Children are human and they also have emotions which mean they are also affected by self esteem issues no matter their age. When children are shown true and endless love, care and respect; they are able to achieve more than just the ordinary.

Yes, when children are made to feel like they are the best in this world from day one, they grow to be more confident and feel more loved. Where children are concerned self esteem is mostly not considered to be a serious issue. However, there is the need for it to be clear that, the children of today are more emotional and very intelligent than children some years ago. This is why children from the onset need to be treated like adults. Self esteem of adults has their roots and these roots are from childhood. The foundational emotions of children always matter because it goes a long way to affect the self esteem of these children.

It is mostly the result of all these gathered treatments from childhoods that affects the life of children in a long run. Parents are the main source of either positive or negative results that lead to children growing up to have self esteem and not. The more parents understand the role they play in the life of their children, the better they feel about themselves. Parents should never try to modify or change the thinking route of their children rather, they need to try to motivate and influence them. Never try to force your very own thoughts and mentalities into the minds of your children. Leave your children to grow their own way so that they will be able to have positive self esteem.

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